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I have been an Animal Advocate since July 2013. No surprises there, after seeing my beloved kittens/cats suffer such horrible fates at the hands of my abusive ex-husband *Steve. Not to mention, my girls were euthanized out of spite by he and *Britney.

Kittens – Rupert, Stewart And Jacob

My Precious Girls, Oxanna And Phoenix

I have had to split me time further, as I have taken on being a Domestic Abuse Advocate too.

I love, love, LOVE animals. If I had to chose a favourite, it would definitely be cats. They are just the cutest little things ever!

Helping to save as many animals as possible, is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I couldn’t help my own ‘babies’, but I know they’ll met each other at Rainbow Bridge, and I will see them again. But whilst I’m alive, I will make a difference for those still on this earth. There will always be an animal abuser about, but for as long as I breathe, I will try to cut down as many of them as possible.

if you

If there are any animal lovers like myself, who would like to follow me/make a difference for those who have no voice, my twitter account is:


For Blog of a Mad Black Woman, my twitter account is:


Much Love. ❤

19 thoughts on “Animal Advocate

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  2. Sorry about the abuse your cats suffered, I’m an animal advocate too! Although I always cared about animals, I became more passionate about it when I witnessed the abuse of my poor goats as a kid 😦


  3. My two Persian cats (Andy and Dougy) are black. I know some people will harm them because of the superstition about black cats. I don’;t let them outside for that reason.

    I can’t imagine harming an animal, but there are those who will. I was sad when I read how your kitties were harmed by your ex. What a pathetic person, to harm innocent animals top cause another person distress! He needs some counselling, seriously! You are fortunate not to have that negativity in your daily life any longer.

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    • Your cats are so cute. Every time I see a post of yours appear in my feed, I’m like “Oooh, kitties!” ❤ .
      I think I'm ready to open up to another couple of kitties. I have been mourning the loss of my five for three years plus.
      I don't think counselling can help my ex. I do not think anything will. He gets pleasure out of seeing others struggle and in pain.
      Thank you for your comment. It really is nice to see you back. xo


      • I highly recommend siblings if you are thinking of getting more than one. I personally prefer toms, but that’s not based on any particular experience. For example, I had a male and female for a short time, and they were fine together. You know cats, though – it could havbe been they were worse enemies, too.

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      • My boys were not siblings. They eventually bonded, but oh gosh, the fights up to that point…
        My girls were sisters, so got one really well together. In fact, they did not like being separated.
        I am not sure which sex I am going to get – I think I will just go into a rescue and see what happens. Hmm… Cat Lady comes to mind! I may leave with more than I should. Top of the list will be a black cat and one who has been there for a long time. We all need love!


  4. Thank you for having compassion and being a voice! I’ve been an animal rights activist since the 90s and vegetarian for 20 years. I dedicate my life to raising awareness. Glad I found your blog! 👍🏻

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    • Thank you for being their voice for so long! Wow, I wish I had started earlier than I did. Also, thank you for stopping by. I would not have found your blog if you hadn’t. I rarely post about animal advocacy here; the three blogs I have are really dedicated to domestic abuse/violence, my toddler son growing up and 1950’s style fashion. However, I do have a Twitter account dedicated to animal advocacy – @PersiaAnderson. If you have an account, please let me know so I can follow.

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