Kasita M

I was referred to a Domestic Violence Centre by my doctor in the UK in 2013, as I was in such a terrible state. There I met a wonderful, down to earth lady called Kasita. She was the first person I had really opened up to after the abuse, which wasn’t until June last year – three months after I walked away from my abusive (ex) husband. (He continued to taunt me, and called me in the early hours of the morning of 7th May 2013 at 2.30 am UK time, to tell me to fight his new girlfriend for him).

It felt like I was talking to a friend, rather than a professional. I liked that. No textbook talk. No keeping an eye on the clock. In fact, very often, we went overtime, to include talking through her lunch break. Not once did she complain. Not once did she say “Well time’s up”. It was I who was always pointing out the time to her.

This is the same person who, when I did not have any money to buy my son clothes, because I left his abusive father, my (ex) husband with just literally the clothes on our backs, handed me a donation from a Church. She had told them of my plight, so they collected money for me.

Unfortunately for me, but certainly fortunate for her, Kasita was promoted, therefore, after talking to her for five months, our meetings had to cease in November 2013. Words cannot express how I felt. It was as if I was being punished all over again. I mean, she helped me break out of the abusive crap whirling around in my head, to the point I felt somewhat comfortable talking about it, and now she was being taken away from me!

We are still friends and in touch with each other to this day. šŸ™‚

An amazing individual who will forever be in my heart.

Thank you Kasita for all you have done, and continue to do for me. ā¤

3 thoughts on “Kasita M

  1. Hi Persia, you blog is sad and brings back memories. your experience reflects mine, in glad you have decided to put your experience out there and hopefully it will allow others to believe there is hope. I hope your future will be brighter. Look forward to following your blog. Godbless x

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    • Thank you for the follow – and for reading my blog. I still cannot believe the amount of wo/men who have been through the same or similar painful and traumatic experiences as mine. I am so sorry it happened to you too. I pray I help to encourage individuals to find the strength to get out of such a situation – alive.
      Thank you for your kind words. I hope life is treating you well now.
      Much love. x


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