Parent Alienation By The Psychopath

I am so glad I got my son Max away from this situation. I really do feel for those parents who are struggling with this.

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I read an excellent article today on how the narcissist/psychopath will alienate the children from the victim. The psychopath knows that is the one way he/she can cause the deepest wounds and the most emotional devastation and it is almost impossible to prove if the psychopath is cunning enough and most of them are. As the article states, it starts long before the relationship ends, the psychopath starts when the children are young and brainwashes them their whole life, subtly, playfully, is ways the victim sounds like an idiot when they try to explain it to anyone who doesn’t know what a narcissist is like.

The victim, as with everything to do with the narcissist feels helpless and revictimized by society, family, friends and the people who are supposed to be helping her, the legal system, social services, and their own children. I am so thankful I never had a…

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The “Virtuous” Sociopath

Britney and Steve ~ Update


That’s right – these two are now parents to a fourth child between them in total.

*Britney is twenty-three with two children by two different fathers, and her first child is being looked after by someone else.

*Steve turned twenty-seven two weeks ago, and has three children by three different women. He is arrears with Child Support. As the new child was born in October, it means he was a father of three by the age of twenty-six.

The twist? Our son Max is only ONE year old!


Steve used to call me ugly

…I feel sorry for the child having to look at these faces every day.

Why Narcissists Have Children

“They believe that having a child will give them an endless supply because their child must love them and has to be a part of their lives, while their young at least.” ~ RavenStormsBlog


Why do narcissists even have kids in the first place?

Narcissists do not have children for the same reason that emotionally healthy people do. They have them because they need more mirrors, more images, to remind themselves how great they are and how they brought someone into this world that is like them. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case 99.9 % of the time because of children age, they develop their own sense of self and other personalities apart from their parents. They become more of a burden than a blessing to their narcissistic parent.

Some narcissists become parents out of accident or because of an ill thought out plan they created have someone there to love and admire them without having to give it back in return. They’re looking for the narcissistic supply which they try to obtain from anyone and everyone. They believe that having a child will give…

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