Can My Love Change the Narcissist?

“Narcissists are very good a playing the victim. Haven’t you noticed that when you try to describe your pain and confusion, he turns on the pity-party persona and insists he’s the one who’s suffering?” ~ Kim Saeed at Let Me Reach

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed


When you first met the Narcissist, he mournfully depicted woeful tales of his being cheated on, taken advantage of, and having suffered a dreadful childhood.  His parents neglected him and let him down, as have all the women in his life – as evidenced by his “crazy Ex” who kept blowing up his phone as the two of you dined by candlelight.

It felt so real, and all you wanted to do was show him that there is a true and comforting love available for him. Your love…and so you set out on a mission to prove to him that you could love him past all of his wounds and vulnerability.  In the process, you overlooked his transgressions, his verbal abuse, his irresponsibility, and his utter lack of social etiquette.

He just needs me to help him, you perpetually tell yourself.  You shoulder the responsibility when he says you…

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